Contents of Zevran’s .chr file



Zevran- 24 years old ((yeah right.))

Cultural Background:  Calabrian (roughly equivalent of Spanish) ((Became Antiva.))

Description:  Zevran is a member of the infamous Calabrian guild of assassins known as the Crows, though not by choice — he was sold as a young slave to the Crows and trained to become one of their operatives. While he has worked as an assassin inCalabria, his first major assignment was to come to Ferelden and hunt down a surviving Grey Warden — who just happens to be the player. Upon being defeated by the player, Zevran leaps at the opportunity to offer the player his allegiance in exchange for a chance to escape from the Crows once and for all.

Purpose:  Romance for a female (or male). He is a pragmatic companion who is fine with immoral deeds and will betray the player late in the game unless the player has taken time to befriend him.

Speech Pattern:  Zevran is a suave, smooth operator. He tends to speak in a seductive and playful manner, playing the lothario whenever possible, and rarely gets upset — if need be, he will become a silent, efficient killer but never lets his emotions get the better of him. Always practical and easy-going, he enjoys keeping others off-balance and on their guard.

Voiced by Jon Curry

Demeanor:  Often amused and light-hearted, rarely takes anything seriously except his job.

Flaws:  Hides his true feelings behind his bravado, doesn’t believe in personal attachments. He is ultimately loyal only to himself.

Morals:  Few — Zevran was raised in a whorehouse and trained from a young age to become an assassin. The only morals he possesses are those that lead to less complication for his job.

Personal Background An orphan to a prostitute elven mother, raised poor and then sold to the Crows to become an assassin. He is virtually a slave to the Crows and eager to find a way to leave them without being killed.

Special Skills:  An excellent thief, incredible agility, very knowledgeable with poisons

Accent:  Calabrian — slightly Spanish, but not thick

Appearance:  Pale, slicked-back hair, has many tattoos (a feature of the Calabrian Crows), quite handsome and roguish.

Archetype:  the smart-mouthed expert; the gigolo with a heart of gold

Intelligence:  Average

Occupation:  Assassin

Relationship to the Player:  captured by the player and sworn into service in exchange for his life

Ties to Other Characters:  none; he has no family and the other party members are suspicious that he intends to see his assassin contract through (which he will, unless the player befriends him).

Fits pretty well with my headcanon. Though not much information about Rina?

24?!! Phffft… nah’uh Mr. Arainai. Liar! :p And the other one had Alistair at 32? Always thought Alistair to be in his early 20s.