The Truth About Selling Fan Art



D: Eek, I think I’ll have to rethink my commission services when I do open commissions again. :c One of the reasons why I’ve been holding off on taking new commissions lately, I wasn’t sure about all this fan arting business. It has been confusing, I keep seeing art posters and prints for sale online by artists I admire that are essentially ‘fan art’. I suppose it falls under Derivative Work?

Whatever the case, I won’t be offering fan art commissions anymore. Need to do the right thing if I’m looking to be a legit fantasy illustrator in the industry. But I won’t stop fan arting for free. Fan art is awesome. c:

Oh damn. I guess it is there, if you just really think about it. I suppose I won’t be opening commissions again either XD Not that I’d really have the time for that anyway.

Bear in mind, though, that some characters don’t fall under the copyright status anymore. Like, say, Sherlock Holmes as a concept. The BBC Sherlock or RDJ as Sherlock from the movies as characters belong to their respective studios, but if you design a new look for Sherlock, that’s completely okay. I can’t for the life of me remember what the time limit is though, in music it’s 70 years after the death of the artist. After that everything they created belongs to public domain.

Like “Shrek”. Almost every famous fairytale concept is in that movie. It isn’t completely original and draws influences from all sorts of popular media, but it is also it’s own unique story. The characters are original interpretations of a popular concept.

I guess what’s eating me is that I see professional illustrators and cartoonists profiting from fan art (seeing lots of Avenger stuff recently) on the web or at conventions, and everything seems ok. Meanwhile, small time hobbyists are getting chewed out by other fans if they earn a buck or two. To be clear, I haven’t been called out. These are just my observations while browsing the web. Not trying to start something. I know how hairy the topic of fan art is.

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