NTGW process2 rooru 

Testing out an animated gif showing process steps of one of the panels from NTGW.

I was sitting under some trees during lunch the other day when I heard a faint tica-tica-tica-tica sound coming from above me. The same rattling sound you hear the little forest spirits make with their clicking heads in Hayao Miyazaki’s film, “Spirited Away.” I looked up and realized that two seed pods hanging from the branches were tapping each other in the breeze making that sound. It then occurred to me that Miyazaki might have been inspired by this very instance. 

Man… I was so creeped out. XD

I’ve been seeing all these Greg Ellis Twitter reblogs.

*Snoopy dance!!!!!!*

Hnggggh! I can’t cut my toenails! Can’t… reach… urgg…

WaiieeEEeee! Baby stop kicking my bladder! x_X